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Thursday talk

Published:Thursday | March 15, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Where's the cash?

1.  Story is that the one who sought and got several millions in funding from the private sector for the December 29 general election was summoned by the party's Standing Committee to explain where the money went but was a no-show. Word is this left many hopping mad and the internal rift in the party over this matter is now widening!

Tasteless action

2. Word on the streets is after spreading the line that 'The Lady' was a bhutto who would never be allowed to hold the reins of power, the first thing she did was to try and ingratiate herself by sending a congratulatory bouquet. But as she tries to maintain her job, she tastelessly solicited an invitation to the forum.

When will they be removed?

3. While some are complaining about some known political activists being taken off the public purse in the name of what they say is "transparency", others are complaining about the large number of girlfriends and concubines still on the Government's payroll and boards. Many are asking, when will they be removed?

A dozen Rovers!

4. Some are saying the missing funds intended for financing the party's campaign were used to purchase 12 or so Range Rovers for a favoured few in the ranks of the party, with at least one wife receiving a spanking new SUV. Story is, though, that one ranking member suspecting the gifts would cause an internal party scandal sold his SUV within days of receiving it. No word yet though as to what he did with the funds from the sale!

No love here!

5. Friends of the beautiful young couple are expressing concern that their second split coming in such a short while does not bode well for the relationship mending. Problem for some friends, how-ever, is that they say some family members are in support of calling the relationship a day, while others say in the interest of the children, they should give it another go.

Publicity hungry

6. Some say there is a multiplicity of reasons the publicity-hungry one was sent packing, and they include using the company's faci-lities as an extension of his personal resources; questions of open display of same-sex dalliances; questions of accountability, in the traditional sense of the meaning. But what has many tongues wagging is the frequency with which the person in question was featured by at least one entity.

Growing opposition

7. Opposition is being mounted to the proposed chairman as those who opposed it say there was a previously undisclosed relationship to the former contentious head who was unceremoniously removed from her role as head of the organisation some time ago.

Remove him!

8. Calls are being made for the one with the 'small-island accent', who questioned the capacity and authority of the minister recently, to be removed from his cushy job, and be schooled in the art of diplomacy and be replaced by a less-cocky employee!