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LETTER OF THE DAY - The truth hurts

Published:Thursday | March 15, 2012 | 12:00 AM


PERMIT ME to use a biblical analogy with regard to the impasse between Terrence Williams, head of the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) and the head of the Police Federation, Constable Franz Morrison.

On the field of battle is David (Mr Williams) with his sling, and standing behind him are the Jamaican people who have for too long been victims at the hands of police killings.

Standing before David is Goliath (Mr 'David' White) and his army of philistines, some of whom stand to the back of the army. Those who stand at the back are the 'good and upstanding' members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) we hear about all the time. No one doubts their existence, and many of us have anecdotal evidence that they are as good and upstanding as we hear, because we have had encounters with them on several occasions.

Goliath's army

So why are they standing with Goliath's army at all, albeit in the back? Because in spite of theirown personal integrity and professionalism, they continue to give tacit support to the actions of those among them who hold us at ransom by their silence! The code of silence is strong and not easily broken ... so for as long as they remain silent to the terrorist actions of those among them, the blood of innocent Jamaicans is on their hands too. I know my choice of words is strong and inflammatory, but tell that to the mothers who mourn their children who have died at the hands of the police force under suspicious circumstances. Let us not forget that Mr Williams himself has complained that the efforts of his team at collecting evidence in many of these cases are frustrated by police officers at the crime scene.

In David's sling is truth which, no matter how long and hard the battle ... truth will win in the end. Jamaicans must stand with Mr Williams in the face of this threat from the Police Federation to drive him out of office. Mr Williams' attendance at a press conference in defence of human rights does not compromise his duties as INDECOM head ... rather it demonstrates that he is serious about his mandate, to drive the evil of police excess from the ranks of the force. The Philistines in the JCF cannot abide by that mandate as it is counter to truth and justice. The fact is that the truth always hurts.

Deacon Christopher J. Gooden