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Glendevon Centre of Excellence to open soon

Published:Thursday | March 15, 2012 | 12:00 AM


THE MUCH-VAUNTED Glendevon Centre of Excellence in St James, which was initially slated to open in January, will now be ready by the end of this month and, as was promised, will operate as a social outreach project for the Glendevon community.

North West St James Member of Parliament Dr Horace Chang, who initiated the project, has expressed optimism that the centre will be up and running between late March and early April.

"It could open anytime now, but it has to be coordinated with HEART Trust/NTA," said Chang.

"The focus is to be placed on vocations, which would appeal mainly to the young men. These include property management, which includes landscaping, building maintenance, small equipment repairs and some hotel skills, in particular bartending, housekeeping and day-care management."

Chang reiterated that J$45 million refurbishment of the physical plant (formerly the Glendevon market) is now completed and is being furnished at this time.

Skill enhancement

He said discussions have already been held as it relates to the inter-change of activity between the Glendevon Centre of Excellence and the Cornwall Automotive School and the building construction component at the Granville Centre.

"This, we believe, would serve to enhance the skills set as we seek to cater to the needs of a broader base of persons. This programme is not a panacea, but is part of a programme to bring new hope and provide the youth with a chance to live a better-quality life," Chang said.

While the newly refurbished centre is no longer in his constituency because of the newly created Central St James constituency, Chang said it should not affect its functioning as he and the new MP (Lloyd B. Smith) have held positive discussions about the centre.

The centre will accommodate approximately 200 persons at any given time, to be trained in any of the disciplines that will be offered at the centre.