Sun | Sep 26, 2021

The long and short of it, Mr Warmington

Published:Friday | March 16, 2012 | 12:00 AM


What a 'tall' order male visitors to the Parliament will have to fill as Mr Everald Warmington has stated that they dress appropriately in 'tall-sleeve' shirts. Mr Warmington, you are a trendsetter. A new fashion statement indeed.

While you are at it, Mr Warmington, I entreat you to have them wear 'tall pants' and the females wear 'tall frocks'. Then the appropriateness of dress that you so desire will fly to high heaven and all truths will be revealed.

Is this a risk you are willing to take? In 'short order', I would need media personnel present to snap pictures so that we can see the 'long and short' of it all. This is where the 'printers' you made reference to would be revealed.

Mr Warmington, you were so 'long-winded' in your statement, however, you must be told that you have fallen 'short' on your choice of words. Let me hope that you do not interfere with Mr Damion Crawford's 'tall hair'.


Kingston 8