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LETTER OF THE DAY - Cooper's biased defence of Kartel

Published:Saturday | March 17, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I don't always agree with Dr Carolyn Cooper, but I sure do like her a lot. I deeply admire the passion that often burns with her causes, sparking heated debates. She's not afraid to tell it as it is. Dr Cooper strikes me as a no-nonsense type of gal. And, like most Jamaican youths, I do enjoy my batch of Kartel songs. Regardless of his sins, real or perceived, he's talented.

Yet, I must offer strenuous objection to Cooper's series of Kartel letters. It is my belief that justice must be equitable, and Dr Cooper, I am sure, would agree. But, there's nothing equitable about Ms Cooper's de facto 'defence' of Mr Palmer. Whether or not Ms Cooper will readily admit to signing on the dotted line, she has, for all practical purposes, provided Kartel with a public defence, simply by showcasing his interests - irrespective of her acquiescence of those stated viewpoints.

money talks

We are again shown that money in Jamaica talks, and in this case writes. There are many condemned souls who claim innocence, yet they languish in our jails, but Dr Cooper has found it fit to act as publisher for the 'Wurl Boss'' words, not theirs. She did not, as far as I am aware, circulate their concerns and grievances. Ms Cooper's time would be better served on the corridors of Jamaica's fewalmshouses.

I would ask Dr Cooper: if Kartel were poor and petty, would she readily take this case to the court of public opinion?

It could be that Mr Kartel is innocent. And, if he were, would Ms Cooper's cause be vindicated as matter of rightness and justice? Perhaps. But, a rich innocent man does nothing to bleach the crimson stains of social inequity and classism from Lady Justice's white frock. Ms Cooper's actions appear to betray the very principles she champions: equality of opportunity.

Mr Kartel, guilty or innocent, has found much grace alongside Ms Cooper's steady pen.