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Dewayne Sharpe:The budding sci-fi author

Published:Saturday | March 17, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Dewayne Sharpe - photo by Ricardo Campbell

Ricardo Campbell, Youth Focus Writer

WESTERN BUREAU:For 26-year-old Dewayne Sharpe, writing is not only a hobby, but also a passion that he hopes will pay dividends in the future as he explores the other side of his personality through the written word.

A young man who believes that the good you do will follow you, his passion and talent for writing developed during his high school years at Herbert Morrison Technical High School in Montego Bay.

"Anytime I am writing, my imagination goes wild. When I used to write essays in school, they used to be extra long. I just could not stop," Sharpe said. "It is from there I recognised that I have a knack for this thing. So over time, when I am not doing my schoolwork, I would read and write."

His latest work is Destiny Star Rain - Birth of Heroes, a science-fiction novel, and is now available at www.lulu.com. It is only available in soft copy.

According to Sharpe, the storyline targets a wide audience.

"As long as you can read, you can be drawn into the book that allows one's imagination to explore and discover a new world in science-fiction novels," he said.

"My authored work now is a work in progress, and I certainly believe it will go large someday. Everyone has a dream. If you don't have a dream, you don't have a future, and I have a future."

Although he writes under the penname of 'Shadric D. Wolf', his alter ego does not affect his real-life persona as this young man attends the Heart College of Innovation and Technology in Montego Bay, where he is pursuing a course in information technology essentials.

"With my technology pursuits, I am looking to develop my skills in programming, graphic design, and games. I love technology and I love writing. I see no reason I cannot be good at the two," Sharpe stated.