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Poetry 1

Published:Sunday | March 18, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Bittersweet, or not

Memories amount to sadness growth seems lacking

Change and conformity, what is the sure result?

Makes sense to give in sometimes, catch yourself when you start to

Lose yourself?

Make a wish and hope life gives you what you hope for

What you deserve?

Many cry, plead, beg even

But does it make a change?

Who listens?

Who cares?

No one

Then again, maybe there does exist that one being

Or maybe two, confusion looms

Who to trust and who to part with

Let him loose, hang on to that one and pray the choice you made was



Listen to no one but your voice, that inner voice that calms and sometimes complains

Sometimes argues but always is there

Never be the you you don't want around for too long

Anger breeds

Miserable! Leave it alone!

Who listens? Who cares?


Indecision and then finally a resolve, let this be a lesson

Don't make the same mistake twice

- Carmen A. Welch

Living life

First, I would like to say

'Big up' to you

If you don't care what people say

Respect is due

We keep striving for the best

Because this is life's test

Those who endure

Are those who make it for sure

Despite our setbacks

We stay glued to the facts

That there will be a brighter day

All we have to do is hope and pray

Things are not going to be perfect

Even when we feel like our lives are wrecked

We can brush it off and stand erect

Success we shall collect

Sometimes life throws us hard punches

And on our strength it crunches

But we live to fight another day

To love, work hard and play

- Kerione Bryan

The person inside

If you want to meet me

Be bold enough to look beyond what you see

If it is I you want to know

There is a lot beneath the glow

The one in me, the person inside

Not a perfect reflection of me

The one you stand beside

The beauty of the core

The person inside me

Compelled to capture your senses

And create a silence so exceptionally loud

Hidden behind what the eyes can see and hands can feel

Who will break such a seal?

Subjected only to the image at hand

What you don't notice is the person inside me

A rose with many colours

A book unopened

A gift unwrapped

If it is I you want to know

Never stand where the wind blows

Obliterate perceptions from the mind

Somewhere within is that person you must find

- Leasa Graham

Status quo

No one




the 'status quo'


of course



the 'status quo'!

- Helen-Ann Wilkinson

Planet of inexperience

In the Grand Prix of life

Inexperience is dangerous to the hasty

And we all are

Hence we are all in danger

- Ava Mantra

Greatest fear

If I close my eyes I will not be able to re-open them?

I'm not ready to die with so much left to give.

I'm not ready to die before being a wife and having some kids

What have I contributed to this world to be leaving without a word, without work,without worth?

I don't want to die leaving my mother without anyone or anything to hold on to

Not ready to go just yet, death is a must, but must I go before I make a mark?

A positive one, that is

The road seems dark but I'm searching for the light, a light must be near

I need something to hold on to

I need to never be afraid

- Raka Awesome

Life is beautiful

Last week, a nine-year-old died

His mother couldn't manage to look at his body while she cried

Wasn't given the opportunity to voice whether he wanted to survive

Just taken

We live our lives like a mistake

Going through it partially awake

We have lived past nine, some twice as long

But are we grateful or wonder what's there to live for?

A baby suffocated

Life taken as soon as it was created

Are we grateful we were given the chance to survive?

Are we grateful to be able to state that we are alive?

Sometimes we forget that breathing is a pleasure

That life is a thing that should not be among the things we measure

It's not about if we live it rich or poor

But to what heights we soar

How much we appreciate just being around

And the friends, families and love we found

Some people's lives are cut short but never an accident

Your life's length is written, a given time to repent

But if, after all these years, you don't consider yourself fortunate

Then maybe your life really was unfortunate

- Omolara Kayode