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Poetry 3

Published:Sunday | March 18, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Close of the day

They say make it work, bring back its worth

I can't do it alone because I am not the only participant

Things are easier said than done

Even if I wanted to go with the flow

I can't dictate to your heart

I stand nearby, unwilling to make a move

I think I have pushed enough, done enough

Now I am tired and just about ready to give it up

The struggle doesn't seem worth it

You don't even give me some peek of what the reward could be

So I am chilling over here because this is where my limits reach

You might say I am not open to change

The irony is all I want is the change

I need to get something soon because I'm about ready to run

The outcome might not be visible but I had plans to try

Sad thing is it takes more than my moves, it requires your sly

My decision then is to leave it and let it be

Bigger things to do to make a mark on this life

Here I go to another phase of my existence

Because here is dreary and threatening to take hold of my passion

Don't know if we will meet again or where, if ever

But know you lost a great chance at making forever

- Marion Maragh

Surrender or fight?

Slowly I surrender and I

Lose my self-control

I'm heading for a heartache

But there's no where else to go

I've everything to lose

And not a single thing to gain

My destination seems to be

A one-way street or a lane of pain

There's no use trying to fight it

You don't play by any rules

You shoot me down helpless

Without the gun as your tool

I come running and begging like a fool

You sure take me back to school

That you're just passing time

And holding my heart hostage

Without hope, it's a shameless crime

- Mark G

In love

In love, yes we are

You are my morning star

I'm your sunshine when it rains

You take away my pain

Our love for each other is untold

You make me whole

You promised you'd love me unconditionally and I'd do the same in return

Now as far as the eyes can see

You belong to me

We are crossing all waters you and I

For our love will never die

So pure, true and real

I love you and you love me

We're as in love as love could ever be

What could possibly change you or me?

- Stephanie Baccas

Special friend

I felt the strong attraction

Right from the very start

I knew you would be someone

Who could soothe and heal my heart

You showed you cared and understood

As I shared my fears with you

I've found a love that lifts me high

And gives me strength anew

You still hold my attention

Until this very day

I still see your commitment

By the things you do and say

I'm sure you are a special gift

That came from above

I must confess I'm honoured

And blessed to have your love

So journey on with me, my sweet

We travel well together

This love affair just fills me up

In any kind of weather

You are the best by any test

I have great faith in you

It's such a sweet relief to know

I've found a love that's true

- Ferne Brown


If it's the last thing I do

Before I close my eyes

Every breath that I take is you

Poetry flows through my veins to my fingertips anew

Every thought comes to mind envisions you

Helplessly I fall

Wouldn't want it any other way

Embodiment of what love is


If it's the last thing I do

Before I close my eyes

I thank the Lord up above it's you

- Kimika Prawl

Painless flame

Keep a flame inside of me that burns regardless of the pain

It's a part of me that will let it all happen again

The chance, regardless of the probability

A chance to recover from this mental instability

And set my mind at ease, peace and tranquility

Because now I know I was your biggest liability

You see my weakness

Zoom in on the opportunity

I will take full blame

I am innocent yet guilty

- Johnelle Grant

My mind

My mind is heavy, my heart is empty

I am so lonely, needing you only

You're struck in my mind morning, noon and night where these things

Are complicating

My mind, my mind, my mind

At nights it is worse

Can't think

Can't sleep

I am in too deep

Just need to sleep, but

My mind, my mind, my mind

I am so confused

Didn't know how to refuse all these

Thoughts I have of you

I need to find a way to defuse

My mind, my mind, my mind

So messed up

Just want to wake up

Wish I could get my mind made up

My mind, my mind, my mind

Fall asleep and then wake up

But, instead feeling dead from

My feet straight up to my head

My mind, my mind, my mind

- Jaime Graham

My love

My love, my love

I waited so long for you to come my way

And now you're finally here

My heart I am willing to share

I dreamed of you night and day

Holding you in my arms

Hoping you would never stray

My love

- Jaime Graham