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Poetry 4

Published:Sunday | March 18, 2012 | 12:00 AM

A woman's desire

I am celebrated on March 8

For my biological, domestic, social

Spiritual, economic, political

And intellectual contributions

To the development of humanity

Yet, I'm a victim of sexual exploitation

Domestic violence, gender discrimination

Denied opportunity, raped

It's good to celebrate me

But, I think it's best if the society

Stops making me a victim

Of these vices

Even though I'm given a day

International Women's Day

I desire to be celebrated

And honoured daily as I toil

Work and make my contributions

To the development of the human family

A simple

Thank you

I love you

Well done

Will do

- Ugochukwu Durueke



Great God

Omniscient, divine

How great you are


Great, omnipresent, divine

Royal, majestic, sublime

Alpha, Omega

The only Creator



Most holy

You alone are worthy

And I give you all the glory


Supreme being

My everlasting king

Always of you I will sing

For Lord, you are my everything

- Valrie Wynter

Beyond closed eyes

In times like this, I praise this art

Because this can heal any broken heart

It's the one chance you get away from this Earth

As you're swept to a place beyond your birth

It's the bloody clothes and wet rags

The burden-bearer

A contraceptive

An ignorer of faults and chances ignorantly taken

The conqueror of the monsters inside our dreams

Replenishing the fruit of the veins to be redeemed

A saviour from times of danger or death

This miraculous stranger I will forever show my respect

(In memory of S.S.)

- Quickore' Bennett

Morning time

The wind blows the curtains

The sun peeks inside

As she clears the darkened mines

Birds feel the warmth and start to sing

Flowers awake to their call

Animals all around yawn and stretch tall

Animals that worked all night

Many owls that just return to their trees

Shout to the sun to let them sleep

The goats are lead into the fields

The rooster's laughter roars above the skies

Disturbing many nearby and others in the distance

The sun glows and dries the Earth

She looks around to see if there's anything more

Suddenly she hears a small snore

The wind blows the curtains

Now the sun peeks inside

The children awake

Now it's morning time

- Peidra-Ann James

Save me

My spirit is weak

The strength I seek

Fails me

Strong storm brewing

And the hell that is coming

Is even at my door

I'm an emotional wreck

I cry day and night

Wondering, why me?

Why not another and

Another way?

Craziness haunts me

Where is my joy?

The smile and light

To brighten my eyes

On any given day

I need to go beyond

Where I am

To get to where I need to be

I'm trying to get to you

I need to be where you are

To be safe

I am not safe where I am

My space is being invaded

My spirit is fading

And I'm at fault

I've let me down

I've let you down

I now repent with bitter tears

Save me from me

Save me for you

My life is in your hands

And in your hands, Lord

I am safe

- Stacy Fuller

My power

I've realised I had the power all along

It was hidden, my medication

I've discovered my true strength

Within me God's resilience

That was not dependent on common sense

I'm brave, I'm a warrior, more than a conqueror

The Almighty my shield and barrier

Against the esteemed killer


But over time, I grew superior

- Trecia McFarlane