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Fishermen home

Published:Sunday | March 18, 2012 | 12:00 AM

The relief emitting from the families of Joel Lee Smith and Iyun Anthony McFarlane could not be hidden yesterday as the Jamaican fishermen returned home after being rescued in Mexico.

The pair, along with their captain, Wayne Dias, were lost at sea weeks ago, Dias dying before they could be rescued. McFarlane and Smith thanked everyone who played a role in getting them back home. The men related how they were mistreated at the first centre they were sent to, having to use bottles as urinals. They said it was heartrending to throw Dias overboard after he succumbed to sickness.

"Wi just wake up and see him (dead)," McFarlane explained. "We was there looking for help for a couple of days and he started to smell, so we had to throw him over," he explained. Their parents were over the moon to see their boys back home.

"I don't have nuh money fi buy him two juice ... but di greatest ting is life," said an elated Roy Smith, Joel's father. But Dias' family weren't so happy. They feel better now that they know of his passing, but wished they had his body for burial.

"It's a part of life. I still not happy, but is a part of life and we have to work with it and just try fi move on. He's gone to a place of rest," reasoned Dias' brother, Gladstone. Despite the ordeal, the pair of survivors were adamant that they would not give up their livelihood.

"Mi nah stop fishing; fishing is my work," said Smith.