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Dos and don'ts of rodent prevention

Published:Monday | March 19, 2012 | 12:00 AM
A rat runs from a hole in Calabar Mews, St Andrew. - File

With so much talk about our rat-infested city, Flair sought some valuable tips from the reputable Orkin Inc's local franchise holder, the Guardsman Group. They provided the following tips on how the average householder can rid his/her surroundings of the awful pests. You can contact them for a free assessment of your property.


1. Learn the natural tendencies of a rat or mouse - they have a brain - what they prefer in nesting sites.

2. How far they will travel.

3. What their daily needs are.

4. Think ahead of the rodent, and don't have the 'lone-sticky-board-in-the-corner' mentality.

5. Figure out what they are after and how they're accomplishing their goals and set placements accordingly.

6. Deprive them of the three things they need most:

  • A haven
  • Food
  • Water

7. Seal entry points such as:

Holes around electrical, plumbing and cable lines

The roof rafters.

8. Check door strips and under door for gaps.

9. Mice do not like steelwool - use steelwool to seal holes if you are not able to do anything at this point. Put caulk around the steel wool to keep it in place.


Don't think only dirty people have mice/rats.

10. Everyone/anyone can be a target.

11. Just like any other pest, they are coming in from somewhere outside.

Tips courtesy of: Orkin Jamaica, a franchise of Orkin Inc, Residential or Commercial Termite and Pest Control. Phone: 906-2306/2307, 5 Carvalho Drive, Kingston 10.