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LETTER OF THE DAY - INDECOM's integrity has been compromised

Published:Monday | March 19, 2012 | 12:00 AM


It was quite alarming, to say the least, to see on TVJ's nightly news of Thursday, March 15, where SSP Radcliffe Lewis, pursuant to the investigation of a murder, took it on to himself to bulldoze a squatter settlement.

This group of squatters, rightly or wrongly, have long made their home on the gully bank running across Dumfries Road. SSP Lewis declared himself the sole authority and stated that he saw it fit not to give the squatters any notice. Is this lawful use of police powers?

This incident occurred on the doorstep of INDECOM, which is also located on Dumfries Road.

With the police putting a hold on the calls for the head of INDECOM, Terrence Williams, to resign pending a meeting with said head, will he be required to turn a blind eye to the above-mentioned incident? Or will he act with the same kind of dispatch he did in joining Jamaicans For Justice at its press conference to have this matter investigated and allow the chips to fall where they may?

The squatters (Jamaican citizens) were mostly women. SSP Lewis claims that they were responsible for all manner of crimes in New Kingston, without providing any evidence or arresting any of them for the crimes they were alleged to have committed.

While I in no way support the indiscriminate use of force by the police, I believe Mr Williams' position is compromised. If he chooses to shun the human-rights organisations, the police would seem to have won.

He should be asked to step aside and allow someone who is not so compromised to head the organisation.

INDECOM, being primarily an investigative body, needs to have an expert in forensic investigations as its principal. Investigators, by training and experience, would not rush to make public statements but instead examine all the factors and go wherever the evidence leads.

The police called for the removal of the head of INDECOM. He met with them and struck a compromise. He will now be getting into bed with them by having monthly meetings.

I do believe INDECOM has been severely compromised. Terrence Williams should either have stood his ground or resigned.


Porus PO, Manchester