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Tuesday talk

Published:Tuesday | March 20, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Should she tell?

1 Is a wife obliged to report the shenanigans of her spouse when an underage child is involved? That's what many people are asking for, they believe a word to the right people may have prevented the current legal worries in the family.

Old story time

2 The 'club' is as fabulous as it gets and the amenities are indeed world-class. However, who wants to read six-year-old magazines? Along with all the goodies, the ladies are also unfortunately serving up a good deal of indigestion with literature from as far back as 2005. That needs to be fixed.

London beckons the leech

3 She is known around on the social scene as a leech and she seems intent on freeloading her way to London this summer. She has hitched her wagon to the socialite who has the means and the ability to get things done, and has already started giving out the luxury address to her lowly friends who can only watch the excitement from a distance.

Beauty and the prince

4 Did a beauty queen actually make a proposition to the prince? We are trying to get the skinny on this one which our sources reveal has some elements of truth to it. We will keep you posted.