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Customs pick shows disregard

Published:Tuesday | March 20, 2012 | 12:00 AM


It is rather disheartening to see government ministers appointing persons to run government departments without them having any record of experience or history with that organisation.

The recent announcement that Major Richard Reese is to become the next commissioner of customs has sent shock waves throughout the Customs fraternity. It's like 'déjà vu all over again'.

What about the several dedicated men and women who have served with distinction in the Customs Department and have qualified themselves in the field over the years? Why weren't they given the opportunity to lead? What about the loyal civil servants who have the necessary skills and expertise? Why were they overlooked?

Why are these high-profile, publicity-hungry people being placed in positions for which they have no prior knowledge?

Madam Prime Minister, you yourself know what it is like to work from the ground up, gaining years of experience and qualifying yourself to be denied the right of ascension within your ranks because of political expediency.

It is time that civil servants be promoted from within the ranks instead of others being forced down their throats!



Newport West, Kingston