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PICA Corner: How to collect your passport

Published:Tuesday | March 20, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Q: I applied for my passport more than a week ago but I am finding it difficult to come in to collect. Could my passport be delivered to me by courier, or can I give a letter to a friend of mine who works at your office to collect on my behalf?

A: We currently do not deliver passports to clients by courier service. Note that every effort is made by our office to ensure the safety of the document. Passports are generally issued in person to the applicant on the date stipulated on the receipt they were given when they paid for the document.

If collecting in person, an applicant is expected to present their receipt in order to receive his or her passport. However, if you are unable to come in and collect the document, you can make an arrangement for someone to collect on your behalf.

You must ensure that you provide the bearer with a letter signed by you, the applicant; as well as a copy of your ID and the receipt. On the other hand, staff at the agency are not permitted to collect on an applicant's behalf except they be an immediate relative of the applicant.

Passports are generally collected at the location where the applicant submitted his/her application form. These are; at the agency's head office in Kingston, at our branch office in Montego Bay and at our operation at the Portmore and May Pen Tax Collectorates.

Collecting on behalf of a minor

A parent or legal guardian is required to apply for a passport on behalf of a child. Consequently, the parent or guardian who applied on behalf of the minor (below 18 years) should collect the document. When collecting, the parent or guardian must take along the receipt and their ID with them. If anyone other than the parent who signed the consent section of the form (including the other parent) is collecting the passport, then the following is required:

  • The ID for the parent who made out the application
  • A letter authorising the bearer (the other parent or any third party) to collect the document
  • The receipt
  • The bearer's ID
  • Overseas application

Persons who applied for their passports through a Jamaican Consulate, Embassy or High Commission office in an overseas territory must return to these offices to collect their documents. Applications submitted at these offices are typically processed within 20 working days after their receipt at our office in Kingston.

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