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Published:Wednesday | March 21, 2012 | 12:00 AM

What do you think about the Government's stated intention to ban smoking in public places?

Appropriate indeed! Strict measures must be in place for those who violate the act, whether it is businesses or persons.

- Horace 'Shad' Daley

I strongly agree with this, polluting the environment and passing of second-hand smoke to others is not acceptable. I have been waiting for this for a long time!

- Dahlia Cunningham

I totally agree, as it's a health risk. Apart from that, smokers are DISRESPECTFUL! They think only of themselves, and when asked to do so elsewhere, they rebel as if everyone should tolerate them!

-Maureen Fortis McLeod

If you are going to ban ganja smoking, cocaine snorting, then disallow tobacco cigarette smoking and rum drinking because they ALL disrupt family life and the health of the nation is at a cost.

- Mark Trough

That's the law in Canada for years. Glad to see Jamaica is looking to do this.

- Claudette Chambers-Snow

Long time coming. People who decide to slowly commit suicide should not be allowed to murder others and get away with it. That's exactly what they are doing when we inhale their smoke that they spew out like a dragon.

- Swavia Wallace

Second-hand smoke is a serious problem. People should be able to enjoy public places without being subjected to smoke. There is no risk-free level of exposure to second-hand smoke. Way to go, Jamaica!

- An Daley

The best news ever for me! I will be eternally thankful for the passing of such a law. Persons who smoke should not be allowed to impose on the rights of others for their pleasure! Apart from the unpleasant scent and sight, it weighs heavily on the health of persons who are allergic to smoke!

- Bisasor Angela

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Do you think GSAT has been an improvement on the Common Entrance Examination?

I did the last exam of Common Entrance and the first of GSAT, but I prefer GSAT because it allows children to think and express themselves more.

- StuninBabyG

Yes and no. Yes, in that it should assure that students are taught the entire primary-school curriculum. No, because it eliminates the 'reasoning' element, as it is difficult to assess a student's cognitive/analytical ability.

- ysorenda

No, I don't think it's an improvement. It's a change for the worse, actually. I don't see GSAT doing the job it was intended.

- alexxrob

Definitely! I think GSAT was a great way forward in the education system. However, there needs to be some systemic improvement as regards school placement.

- gagadiva

The Common Entrance was much harder than the GSAT. Of course, you are going to see some improvement.

- allioStarr

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