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Thursday talk

Published:Thursday | March 22, 2012 | 12:00 AM

 Local implications

3.Some are asking just who is financing the one who reportedly went into hiding and is supposedly seeking asylum. They say that investigation has implications for a matter now playing itself here. They say, however, that the old adage is apt as, "If you can't ketch Kwaku, you ketch him shut"!

Uncle Sam not happy

4.Observers say the postponement of the sentencing of the self-confessed drug-lord and don is cause for concern for local cohorts, accomplices and co-conspirators, as they see the recent development as a sign that Uncle Sam is not satisfied that they got value for money with the information provided so far and the delay is to facilitate a trade of information for a lesser sentence.

No lesson learnt

5.Some say it seems that some in the Government have learnt nothing from their four years in Opposition as some they have appointed are known 'fifth-columnists' who would sooner sell their grannies for 'quatty', and should not be placed in the sensitive positions they are now asked to sit!

High-ranking positions

6.Story is the search is now on, not only for a new contractor general, but for quite a few high-ranking positions now currently occupied. Some are saying the former High Commissioner to London, is being eyed for one of those posts. And others say discussions are being held in some quarters as to how to replace the loquacious one, who they say has spent more time making the news rather than going after criminals.