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Published:Thursday | March 22, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Below are comments by readers on of two stories published yesterday.

Kidnapped businesswoman rescued

Glad that she is alive but the 'Jamaica Constabulary Force's elite anti-kidnapping unit' says it all.

- Fedup

Those criminals must be captured and lynched one by one in a live television broadcast. Only drastic measures will reduce crime drastically.

- Helen Havisham

The 100 per cent success rate relates to the recovery of the kidnapped, not the arrest of the perpetrators.

- The Cat

So many people want to reap what they have not sown, and are willing to inflict pain on others so they can get easy money. This is a road Jamaica cannot afford to go down because of the national implications. No one will want to invest or live in a place they don't feel safe.

- Mccormacklindel

Mr Bailey should use the CCTV images to identify the crooks. Jamaicans need to start boycotting business without CCTV. This may just save your loved ones' lives. Instead of looking for jobs, students should start their own businesses in CCTV monitoring companies, so that investors can start investing in these companies.

- Guest

When all is said and done, we need to be more careful, pay attention and beware of our surroundings. There are lots of tips out there that, if followed, minimise the risks of getting robbed or kidnapped.

- Hayila

Pay your taxes, or else ... !

I am happy to hear that drastic measures will be taken to ensure all the companies are compliant. My concern, however, is: what are we going to do to address those companies whose records show that they are compliant even though they haven't paid a dime, because they know someone at the tax office or they pay someone off to write off their debt? We all know that the country is poor because it is mostly the poor and middle class who pay taxes.

- Noviawllms

Mr Matalon, you have gained my respect over the years for your nationalism and patriotism. Time and again you have demonstrated that you put country over profit. However, go beyond the talk and publish the names of companies who are tax doggers. Sometimes, public embarrassment might just ignite the conscience.

- Mccormacklindel

Why should politicians do it and not ORDINARY Jamaicans? It is full time we change this mindset.

- Jayjayja

Can't move forward with these rich people doing as they please and Government doing nothing to collect tax.

- dan

I would like to see Mr Matalon kick out the 90 per cent tax dodgers of his organisation, if they do not change their cheating ways. If all of them tell him no way they are not going to comply, his PSOJ would fold immediately. But still, we have to hope they heed his call.

- Dranks

Paying taxes is now a discovery by the PSOJ!

- Rev Joan Porteous