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'The love of people keeps me going'

Published:Friday | March 23, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Nadisha Hunter, Staff Reporter

LORNA LESLIE has been contesting local government elections since 1981 for the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), and feels her hard work and dedication to the people of the Denham Town division has kept her going without a single defeat.

"I have been in it from (Edward) Seaga (former prime minister) days and I always win because the people see that I care about them," Leslie told The Gleaner.

"It feels good to always win, because I get the opportunity to serve the people directly. I always serve the best way I can and I am enjoying it," she continued.


The 66-year-old said quitting was not on her agenda for anytime soon, as she has many more years left to carry out her duties, which have been turning out good results for the youths and the indigents whom she aims to assist.

"As long as I have health and strength and the people need me to serve, I am not backing down. The people always encourage me, so, with the energy to serve and the love from the people, I will continue," she added.

Leslie said her drive to enter representational politics came from her willingness to address the level of need in the inner-city community where she lived.

"I was born and grown in the area, so I know the things that are needed, so I am able to assist them in the right way. Sometimes some of the needs are great, but because of my willpower to serve, I always get a way out," she explained.

"I don't wait on Christmas to help, I always look out for the youths and the senior citizens in need. I help them with food and other stuff. For the middle-aged, I write applications for them so that they can get the necessary assistance to start businesses," Leslie further added.

But she said she could have done more as her effort was sometimes affected by limited funds.

"I will never be satisfied with what I have done, because more needs to be done. But we need funding, we are not getting enough money to cover the areas and the needs are great," she explained.

Leslie said she is confident she will return as the division's representative in the March 26 local government elections.