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Smoking tricks, epidemic halts

Published:Friday | March 23, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Las May's smoking cartoon of March 19 reminded me of a family member who witnessed a hold-up by gunmen at his workplace. So great was his anxiety that after the gunmen left, he began to chain-smoke non-stop, had a major heart attack and died in the establishment. He died not from the gun, but from smoking!

The business lost a valued employee; his young children lost their daddy, and his wife lost her husband prematurely.

Chain-smoking non-stop can kill a young person in a few hours. Smoking creates stress. It does not relieve stress. Smoking tricks the brain and assaults the body. Do you like to be tricked and assaulted?

If this were a wiki-cartoon serial, I would add that the police officer counselled the man and encouraged him to try other ways of coping with stress. He was advised to see his doctor, to get fresh air, exercise and drink water; he was told of the importance of staying away from smoking environments and to keep company of non-smoking positive people.

The two men saw the newspaper headline, 'Government mulls public smoking ban'. They read about the efforts of the health minister and his team to halt the tobacco epidemic so that Jamaica would be a healthier place to live, to work and to do business.

Yes, smoking tricks the brain and assaults the body; but the tobacco-control law will halt the spread of the tobacco epidemic, making Jamaica more productive.