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LETTER OF THE DAY - Local government elections important

Published:Saturday | March 24, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Local government elections are here again. But with the exception of candidates and party loyalists, many persons would admit that they don't really consider local government elections as important, and others would perhaps go as far as saying the exercise is irrelevant and unnecessary.

Yet, the truth is that local government, which begins with the election of representatives, has the most relevance and direct impact on our daily lives! For example, the decisions made by a local government council not to fix a particular road can drive up taxi and other transportation costs, thereby increasing a child's bus fare to school, and a farmer's transportation cost to take produce to market!

Consequently, Mom and Dad have to 'hustle' more to keep the child in school five days a week, and the farmer has to increase the cost of his nutritious yams, fruit and vegetables above what local families are able to afford! Some families respond to this dilemma by sending the child to school only two or three days a week, and feeding them a daily diet of much cheaper bag juice and biscuits.

For the families that take the horrendous economic choice of reduced education and bad nutrition, the negative impact on the child and family's personal advancement, their community's development and our national prosperity is evidenced by our continued poverty as we keep 'growing' poor, uneducated children into poor, uneducated adults who can make little or no significant contribution to the national economy.

Crucial activity

And this never-ending disaster is sometimes simply the result of a group of councillors deciding not to fix a road, or because they siphoned off 50 per cent of the money allocated for the road to other 'areas'.

Choosing local government representatives may therefore be the most important activity in a nation's development. How therefore do we choose local government representatives on March 26?

Here is some advice that may be helpful:

1. Choose educated, God-fearing, wise and trustworthy representatives!

2. Choose representatives who show respect and reverence for life!

3. Choose Vision 2030 representatives!

Choosing local government representatives may, therefore, be the most important activity in a nation's development. Let's choose well!