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ISSA destroying Jamaica's athletic future

Published:Saturday | March 24, 2012 | 12:00 AM


While I laud the efforts of ISSA to set precedence in maintaining discipline in the athletics world, I am saddened to know that many students will not be able to participate in the auspicious high-school track and field championships, especially in this our 50th year of nationhood.

I am sure these students have worked tirelessly since the close of the last championships, so they would be fully prepared and be at their best to compete with pride for their schools. Now their hopes have been dashed because ISSA and those responsible for their athletic welfare have failed to put the necessary measures in place to secure their entry to Boys and Girls' Championships.

I believe ISSA, the governing body for sports in schools in Jamaica, has missed the mark of its role. ISSA is responsible not only for the actual sport events but the welfare of athletes/students. Why should a student be punished for the negligence of officials from his/her school with responsibility to complete the necessary paperwork for entry into these sport events?

Notwithstanding, if ISSA had the students' interests at heart, it would have publicly called for all schools to ensure all entries are completed accurately before the deadline for championships. If ISSA's administration had been doing its job efficiently, they would have picked up on these errors or negligence by the schools, and received due notice.

ISSA, I implore you to grant the students the right to register themselves for these championships so they don't have to suffer at the hands of their school's incompetence. It is unfair and unjust to the students to suffer the consequence of something they have no control of. ISSA, your current action has only created an avenue for the demise of Jamaica's athletic future.