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Probe tax habits of politicians

Published:Saturday | March 24, 2012 | 12:00 AM


It is noted that the focus is on increasing the rate of tax compliance, and registered companies are being encouraged to file their annual income-tax returns and pay the relevant amounts owed. But could it be true that some of our parliamentarians' companies are also not compliant?

It seems that some employees in some government departments are overly cautious when dealing with files relating to politicians. (What happened to the last government worker who tried to get a politician's relative compliant?)

Is it possible for an investigation/research to be carried at the commissioner of the income tax office and also the Companies Office of Jamaica (annual returns filing and payments also required) or any other relevant government department to see how compliant these politicians' companies really are?

The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica told its members, as headlined in The Gleaner of Wednesday, March 21, 'Pay your taxes or else ... ! But who is going to tell the parliamentarians the same thing?

As our parliamentarians are all noble men and women, their companies are all tax compliant. I have a strong feeling that the result of the investigation is going to allay my fears and doubts, and prove my assumptions to be so wrong!