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Published:Saturday | March 24, 2012 | 12:00 AM

What are your thoughts on the explanation given by the police in the shooting of 16-year-old student Vanessa Kirkland?

These stories just don't add up. The police force is fast losing the little integrity it had left. Some people are too silent on the matter of police killings.

- Orlene Gooden-Wellington

Ridiculous! Jamaican police need to be held accountable for their actions. It is getting out of hand. The police are killing too many innocent, unarmed people in Jamaica.

- George Walters

I don't think so many persons would go on a robbery. The police only found one gun. The police shoot first and ask questions later. That is so sad.

- Faith Drummond

Everyone is to be blamed, from the police to the people in the community. It's a messy situation and the criminals always get shielded and escape. The police always shoot innocent people, who are decent, law-abiding people who just happen to reside in these areas.

- Leighton Spartacus Cornwall

The police force needs to be held accountable. Too many of our babies are being killed. I need to see all the facts come to light in this one. I'm tired of the cover-up by the Jamaican police.

- Lala TrueDiva

I believe the police wouldn't wantonly shoot the teen. You must realise that for years now criminals have been using human shields. Another thing you will learn to appreciate that in Jamaica is that when gunshots are being fired, instead of running away, people run towards the shooting.

While the police will be told that there are rules of engagement, the criminals have none. We await the autopsies to see whose bullets killed the teen.

People must realise that Jamaica is at war with itself. The police alone cannot be asked to fight crime. There is too much injustice in Jamaica, and injustice breeds discontent. Social programmes need to be put in place. Crime is a monster. It has to be tackled from the root.

- Lancelot Hishumbleservant Frazer

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