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Steele Road deterioration a great concern

Published:Saturday | March 24, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Steele Road in Golden Spring, St Andrew, has been neglected by the authorities.


For the last 28 years, Steele Road in Golden Spring, St Andrew, has been in a deplorable condition and has never been repaired by any government agency.

We, the residents, have effected some repairs at various times to allow its continued use. In addition, people without motor vehicles experience great difficulty in reaching their destinations when it rains heavily, as the road is inundated.

On two occasions recently after heavy rainfall, one section of the road broke away and became impassable.

Over the years, we have appealed to the various government agencies and political representatives for assistance without success.

We are, therefore, pleading for urgent attention to be given to this road, as the residents may one day not have access to their homes.

Winston Reid

Golden Spring, St Andrew