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Your Vote - Who will take it?

Published:Sunday | March 25, 2012 | 12:00 AM

As Jamaicans prepare tomorrow to vote for their local representatives in the 13th Parish Council Election since 1947, some have dared to make early predictions.

  • Leon Salmon

I think the JLP will win. Me appreciate what them did to control crime and corruption. As far as me see, the PNP nah do nothing to control crime.

  • Warren Cornwall

I think the PNP will win. If you look at what happen in the last election, they won by a substantial amount, so I don't see why it would be any different for them this time around.

  • Kingsley Henderson

A PNP me say straight. A Portia a the woman with the plan fi Jamaica right yah now.

  • Tevin Swaby

I think the PNP will win because dem have the crowd now more than the JLP. The PNP also have more experience at running the country than the JLP.

  • Dwayne Parkinson

I think PNP will win because of their momentum coming out of the last election. I believe they are going to ride that same momentum which will see them coming out victorious.

  • Simeca Alexander

If it is that the PNP won the election last year, I don't see why they won't win the local government elections. The people spoke before, so why should it be different?

  • Carl Salmon

I believe the PNP will win because as the people showed back in the general election last December, they are tired of the JLP. It is clear that the PNP is the party enjoying the confidence of the people.

  • Rudolph Daley

I believe the PNP will win because they are coming off a big general-election win just three months ago. The party forming the government usually does well if the local government elections come shortly after the general elections.

  • Peggie Campbell

I love the green (JLP), but they don't like to deliver on the promises they make ... . I believe the orange (PNP) will win because things are going for them now ... The green (JLP) just have to hope for the best.

  • Alfred James

I see no reason why the JLP should not win again, especially here in St James. They have done their best and I expect the people to stick to what has been working for them ... . The JLP will take the local government and balance things out.

  • Petagay Gooden

Honestly, if it was possible, I would hope none of them win because it doesn't make sense. No one is benefiting from any of the parties.

  • Michelle Adamson

I think the Labour Party will win because they have the plan to move Jamaica forward.

  • Talecia Byro

The PNP will win because they just won the general elections. They have the momentum.