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Balance needed to gain people power

Published:Monday | March 26, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Apostle Steve Lyston

Steve Lyston, Contributor

ONE OF the greatest investments is investing in humans. The reason for global and local economic problems we are now experiencing is human neglect.

Education, health food, water and housing are first priority! There will be no change until we address these issues. Interestingly, for most international lenders, these are not areas of priority. Don't be surprised if you begin to see budgetary cuts in these areas.

Modifying tax is not the number-one answer to turning the economy around, we need to stop neglecting the human aspect, look at our practices and policies and deal with that if we want to see change.

Many times, governments turn to the private sector for solutions, while they neglect the people who are experiencing the problem. They often have the solutions and can give greater insight to bring solutions. What they do not realise is that oftentimes, the solutions are in the muddy places!

The private sector is a unit driven by cost, sales and profit-making. Their decisions do not take persons into consideration; they are driven by numbers.

We need a policy shift now more than ever! The wealth cannot be in one area only. There needs to be a balance if there is going to be people power. Jesus outlined the role of society in human affairs in his principles. In biblical economics also, when there is recession, the greater portion of the tax is always with the rich. This fact is supported by Warren Buffett.

Possible solutions

For local and global change and for balance to take place, we have to look at some of these:

Salaries, perks and other benefits for executives. Some of those need to be reduced.

Military spending. This should be reduced globally.

Unnecessary refurbishing of buildings. This practice should cease.

Taxation. Financial market investments should be taxed.

Reduce unnecessary manpower, such as assistants that are assigned to assistants.

These areas must be re-assessed.

Dealing with crime

The cancer of crime that is eating away at the society cannot be controlled or dealt with unless we are ready to deal with the root. For every problem there is a root cause, in much the same way that the success of an individual or a nation has to deal with obedience. (Deuteronomy 28: 1-14)

We have to change our mindset. Most times, policies put in place to control crime do not affect those who are committing the crime; only the innocent feel it!

It is easy to put plans in place, but oftentimes, those who put policies and laws in place are not subject to those laws. VIPs get VIP treatment and most don't get screened. Most are secured or are heavily guarded!

Ask these questions:

  • Who benefits from crime?
  • What does crime have to do with getting power and staying rich?
  • How does one's actions influence the nation's crime rate from spiritual and natural standpoints?
  • What are we fighting? One cannot win a battle until one knows what he or she is fighting!
  • Why are we playing politics with crime?
  • Why are we afraid to deal with the truth?
  • Why do we blame the security forces only, as if they are telling people to commit the crime?

Most persons within the nation know what to do to reduce crime. But to deal with it from the root will affect all sectors, because it influences all sectors.

No one really wants to lose power. Everyone in every sector loves power! It is going to take serious divine intervention!

Dealing with crime has to do with our beliefs and our mindsets, and we have to be willing to accept the truth. We as a people don't like the truth. In fact, we hate to hear it. We cannot be doing the same thing each day and expect different results, we must change in order to get different results! We don't need more laws, we each need a new mindset!

Remember, "righteousness exalts a nation ..."

Apostle Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.