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JENCARE'S prescription for a beautiful Jamaica 50!

Published:Monday | March 26, 2012 | 12:00 AM
The products come in convenient travel sizes too and are perfect for those heading home to celebrate the significant milestone in Jamaica's history.
Jencare's Man and Woman Ting boasts the replicas of all Independent Jamaica's prime ministers and premier as well as a ribbon in the national colours.
Jencare Skin Farm's Man & Woman Ting includes body serum, body splash, body butter and body lotion as well as a facial soap.
The limited-edition soap on a rope made by Jennifer Samuda of Jencare Skin Farm. - Photos by Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer

Barbara Ellington, Lifestyle Editor

Man and Woman Ting

One irie essence of lignum

vitae and blue mahoe fi

moisten skin, mek it firm,

smude and silky wid no

wrinkle or krinkle.

Rub up yourself

Wha inna dis??

Herbs, Jamaican seaweed,

collagen, sinkle bible,

periwinkle, guinea hen weed,

lignum vitae, blue mahoe,

sweet basil, hibiscus,

marigold, otaheiti apple,

fruits and flowers.

Mek a Jamaica.

The above is the catchy and totally Jamaican summary of the contents of the latest set of beauty products roll off the Jencare Skin Farm product line. Jennifer Samuda, conceptualiser of the finest face and skincare products ever manufactured in Jamaica, has once again met the needs of the ever-changing world-wide beauty landscape. Like Lancme, Max Factor, Clinique, Revlon and a host of others, Samuda can be relied on to produce just about anything the man or woman's heart desires for face, neck, eyes, lips, fingers and the body.

Last week, Flair got a preview of the line specially produced to celebrate Jamaica's 50th anniversary of Independence. Called Jamaica Sea & Sun, the products are body serum (lignum vitae), body splash (blue mahoe), body butter (ackee) and body lotion (hummingbird). And they are, as usual, attractively packaged in the national colours of black, green and gold. There is also a limited amount of soap on a rope and nail polish in the three colours.

"I have put the replicas of all our leaders since Independence and made them with ingredients that all Jamaicans at home and abroad can identify with," Samuda said. She noted that the response to the research into the feasibility of the special products was very exciting, and those who participated loved the use of our dialect, colours and label.

Other special features include a distinctly Jamaican smell once the bottle is opened and a hand-painted Jamaican flag on the cap of each bottle. This means that the customer can keep them as a souvenir long after the anniversary celebrations are over.

"The products were formulated by Peta-Gaye Samuda, daughter of Lloyd and Jennifer Samuda, creator of the NextJen line and manufactured by Jennifer, and will be available in all the outlets in Jamaica, the United States and Trinidad as well as at both airports and on the company's website