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Wake up, JTA

Published:Monday | March 26, 2012 | 12:00 AM


The Jamaica Trauma Association, better known as the Jamaica Teachers' Association (JTA), has not distinguished itself in the way it should in its 48th year of existence. Last summer, when the current leadership, headed by President Paul Adams, was installed, the elocution was fiery. But I notice since of late that the fire has miraculously turned into water.

Education over the years has become a political football and the traumatic behaviour of the association has exacerbated it. I am once again pleading with the JTA to put forward a reform agenda. The time has come for the association to be led by more enlightened leaders who are in sync with 21st-century organisational development.

The raw truth is that educators do not readily embrace change. Having worked with teachers in the capacity of classroom teachers and school administrator, I am probably too ambitious in expecting anything to change with the JTA.

The JTA must begin to lead the charge in:

The reorganisation of the Grade Six Achievement Test.

The establishment of an Association of Primary School Principals.

The transfer of teachers from school to school based on the Quality Education Circle in which they work.

The JTAis too important in the educational life of teachers to allow a few old fogeys, with their outdated ideas, to continue holding it back.

We cannot continue to impede our growth by human bureaucratic stranglehold, only to our own detriment.