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Tuesday talk

Published:Tuesday | March 27, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Excuse me, I'm a doctor!

1. People who witnessed the tirade at the uptown prep school last week are still puzzled by the display and are questioning the kind of example being set for young, impressionable minds. Verbal abuse of a teacher is totally unacceptable. Just in case no one knew who this tantrum-thrower was, he arrogantly declared, "I'm a doctor". Oh, he calls himself god! There was a time when professionals were known to act with decorum and restraint but today, arrogance has taken over and there are some who never learn.

Edit, please

2. The radio advertisement speaking to the availability of genuine and none-genuine parts is ill-advised and inelegant. Surely, someone should recognise this and change the copy.

Smooching in the office

3. There are countless examples to confirm that a manager is skating on thin ice when he/she gets involved in office romance. Some take care to mask their affairs while others are openly proud of their shenanigans. The latest case that has come to our attention involves a "serve and protect" team member who has apparently been catapulted up the ranks. Many say it is the reward for a job well done but other members who say they deserve consideration are quite peeved.

Where are we with Jamaica@50?

4. Seems the Jamaica 50 planning committee needs a new engine to invigorate members. From all indications, the vehicle which was in acceleration mode prior to December 29, has stalled for a number of weeks and no one seems to have any answers about how or when it will be restarted.