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Published:Wednesday | March 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Below are comments from readers of regarding yesterday's lead story titled, 'Shellacking' , reporting on the outcome of local government elections that were won by the ruling People's National Party (PNP).

Was expected. Now the future of Jamaica is very bright. The PNP controls central and local government. This will give the party free rein to grow Jamaica's economy to First World status, thus eliminating poverty and depressed garrison communities.

- Justsaying

Congrats. Until we change the way we choose our leaders, we will always have the party that talks a lot in power instead of the one that works. The PNP talks a lot and does many minor things, except for the highway, which equates to nothing for the time they have been in power. Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), they will be seeking your assistance, which you should give, but let the public know everything that you help them with.

- Ruel

Now the JEEP can really drive, full speed ahead.

- jayjayja

Now you have the full mandate, you must work with the people to deliver the services which Jamaicans reasonably expect.

- Multilinks

PNP is a real ghetto party. Why it's easier for PNP to win is because there are more uneducated people in Jamaica than educated ones. The educated people are too busy with progress, so they really can't find the time to vote like people who have no life.

- Great2

Wow. With 25 per cent of total voter turnout. Democracy must really be alive and well in Jamaica. If I were the PNP gang, I would certainly not be gloating over either electoral victory. It is evident that the majority of Jamaicans are not impressed with either party but, as the saying goes, one must lose. Monday, and on December 29, the JLP lost more, but don't expect it to be so the next time around when people become more disillusioned and disenfranchised.

- alexspeed

It's like people forget that the PNP was in power for most of the last two decades. If they really think Jamaica has fallen because of the little four years of JLP, then they really lost sight of what's going on here. But maybe some time out of power helped the PNP pull up its socks. We shall see. Between the two parties, simple things like roads cannot fix good.

- RT

Controlling the majority in the parish councils as well as Parliament, the PNP now have no excuse and no one else to blame if things get worse under their leadership. Interesting times lay ahead.

Enquiring mind


Do you think the government should shelve plans for the rural school bus system because of financial woes with the current JUTC?

Of course, why not! We have government ministers buying up AUDIs and other high end vehicles to drive around in style. Why worry about the provision of a school bus system for the rural areas! Taxis and coaster buses are good enough for them! If you have to cut start at the bottom, best place to start!

-Richard Parchment

It is absolutely essential that this be continued. A move to stop this is short sighted. Can't imagine you plan on funding jeep to appease party supporters but it's too expensive to put a decent option for commuters (all commuters not only comrades) in place.

-Junior Gilpin

I have always believed that financial constraint is used by Government as an excuse to do what it does not want to do. It is never an excuse to do what Government wants to do. My advice to bloggers....dont buy into the narrative of Government.

-Daswell Jones

Maybe it is not viable right now!

-Subrena Martin

Government should go ahead with the service.

-Glena SmithRussell

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