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Seventh-day Adventists celebrate 'Vision One Million'

Published:Wednesday | March 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Pastor Merrick Walker of Washington Gardens Seventh-day Adventist Church participates in the church's school-feeding drive at Clarion Basic School in Maverley, St Andrew, last November. - file

Glenroy Sinclair, Assignment Coordinator

At age 15, she got baptised, but drifted from God while getting caught up with the pleasures of the world. More than two decades later, Burnice Williams came running back to the Lord.

"I couldn't find any peace of mind or rest, so I began seeking out a church to go and worship, but didn't find any. I was contemplating where to go, then one day I got up and it was like something just led me to the Washington Gardens Seventh-day Adventist Church and I just walked right in," said Williams.

It's nine months since she has been rebaptised and Williams has been growing in the faith.

On Saturday, scores of Jamaicans are expected to follow in her footsteps, surrendering their lives to God. At least 75,000 visitors have been invited to fill the pews of Adventist churches islandwide.

It is a day when Adventist churches throughout the Inter-American Division (IAD) will be celebrating its six-month-long effort of recruiting and training members who have become part of a discipleship programme coined Vision One Million.

"It is an evangelism initiative launched in July 2010," said Dr Marston Thomas, president of the Adventist Laypersons Services and Industries, IAD.

The IAD is made up of the countries of Central America, the four northernmost countries of South America, and the islands of the Caribbean. One of these islands, Hispaniola, is home to the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Vision One Million provides the framework for Passionate Disciples of Christ to extend invitations to persons. Reinforcing their discipleship ministry under the influence of the Holy Spirit, and celebrate with those who accept God's invitation to receive the intentional blessing that He provides.

At least 200 visitors are expected to turn up at the Washington Gardens SDA, where Pastor Merrick Walker has been busy working in the community over the past two weeks.

Topics explored

Among the topics he touched on are the God factor in a troubled world, the role of the Bible in a media explosive society, true love in a loveless world - responding to Christ's unconditional love, the Jesus factor human relationships.

In the community-building series, he highlighted how individuals through a meaningful encounter with God now can be impacted positively in all areas of their lives and be assured of a blissful encounter in the life hereafter. In his discussion of the origin of sin, he explored the topic 'Deleting Encounter' which set the stage for the 'Thirsting Encounter' which explored the God factor in a troubled world. The final topic in the series, 'Longing Encounter', will present the Christian's ultimate hope of Heaven.