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JLP's chances of getting Trelawny council slim

Published:Wednesday | March 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Richard Morais, Gleaner Writer

LORRIMERS, Trelawny:

The Newly elected Independent councillor for the Lorrimers division in Trelawny Paul Patmore has said he will not betray the people of Trelawny by crossing the floor to any of the two major political parties.

"The people have won the election. Therefore, for me to switch to another is like throwing dirty water in the people's faces," Patmore told The Gleaner.

The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) won four seats in Trelawny, while the People's National Party (PNP) gained the same number of seats.

Patmore, however, said he would support the PNP in the mayoral race.

"I would have to look which of the eight would benefit the people of Trelawny. The PNP has 11 of the councils (plus the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation and the municipality of Portmore). Therefore, if the JLP gets this one, it would only be a show. Therefore, maybe I would support the PNP. Somebody from the PNP would be better for Trelawny."

Patmore won the division by getting 1,526 to the JLP's Steve Warren's 908 votes and Kevin Guy of the PNP who received 366. His chance of winning became evident on nomination day when he pulled the largest crowd. This, however, was not seen as anything significant as the belief was that the followers were obvious supporters of the two major political parties and would return to their parties on election day.

Unlike minority parties and independents candidates who are not able to garner support to even have indoor and outdoor agents, Patmore had a full slate of workers and supporters at all polling stations rivalling the two big guns.

Patmore has been working hard in the Lorrimers division, using his own resources to implement projects.

The 40-year-old funeral director decided to run as an independent candidate after he was spurned by the JLP when he sought to displace Warren for the candidacy.