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Published:Wednesday | March 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Charlette Black-Brown
Gavin McNeil
Michael Black
Peter-Gay Dixon
Roshane Parkes
Secan Wallace
Yanique Parkes
Desmond Lawrence
Audrey Reid
Shelly-Ann Forrest

Local government elections were held on Monday. The Gleaner asked persons across the island the following question:

Why did you not vote?

Charlette Black-Brown, St James

Honestly, I don't see the need to vote ... I don't even know the people who are offering themselves, because they haven't come around and introduced themselves and outline what they plan to do. In my area, we have deplorable road conditions and nobody is doing anything about it.

Peter-Gay Dixon, Clarendon

I am a Labourite, but I cannot vote for the JLP candidate. She is the councillor, but she hasn't done anything for the community, and since I cannot vote for the PNP, I am not voting at all.

Yanique Parkes, Clarendon

I am a JLP supporter, but I am not voting because the JLP councillor nuh do anything for the community and the PNP do not socialise with people in the community, a just since a him a go run me see him a come round and a talk up with people, but me not voting, neither J nor P this time.

Roshane Parkes, Clarendon

I am a Comrade, but I am not voting in this local government election, because I don't know the PNP candidate and I am not voting for the JLP, so nobody a go get fi mi vote this time.

Secan Wallace, Trelawny

I did not vote because I have been unemployed since 1996 and no politician has done anything for me. I really don't see why I should vote. If they treat me like a man I will vote like a man.

Audrey Reid, St Catherine

I did not vote as it is the local government elections. I voted in the general election and I think it is more important. If the councillors were in a position where they have more authority it would attract more persons like me.

Desmond Lawrence, Trelawny

I did not vote because I have not seen what these politicians are doing for the people. They are not doing as much as they should. They all fall short, in my view.

Michael Black, St James

I did not vote because I don't see any reason to vote. There is no real difference between the PNP and the JLP ... . I am working very hard to better my life and all they are doing is making things more difficult for us ... voting is a waste of time.

Shelly-Ann Forrest, Trelawny

I did not vote because I do not see no better herring, no better barrel. All the politicians are the same, you cannot believe anything they say.