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Make it easier to report water, light theft

Published:Wednesday | March 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM


WHY ARE utility bills so high? Because no one is minding the store.

One of my neighbours bypassed her water meter in plain view about a month ago. I figured the meter reader would have seen and reported it. Apparently not. I tried to report this theft online to the National Water Commission (NWC). I can't find anything on their web page 'REPORT WATER THEFT'. I called the NWC's telephone number, and after waiting 35 minutes, a service agent finally answered. I told her I wanted to report water theft, but she wanted all kinds of personal information from me. Obviously, I wouldn't give it to her. I don't need my neighbour finding out that I don't want to help pay her water bill. I gave the address of the problem to the service agent. She said "just a minute". TEN minutes later, she had not returned to the phone, so I hung up.

Too much bureaucracy

Two years ago, I reported electricity theft to the Jamaica Public Service and it was the same story - those people are still getting me to help pay their light bill without my approval.

Why can't these utilities make it easier for someone to report theft. All they need is a selection on the phone or online to 'report theft', inviting callers to leave the address of the property involved and send someone to check it out.

I'm tired of paying someone else's utilities.

Tired Utility Consumer