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Keeping it clean and keeping it real

Published:Wednesday | March 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Hello mi neighbour! Remember this: neighbours seldom take kindly to the presence of uncleanliness. At a particular workplace where workers were mandated to keep their areas neat and tidy, Miss 'B', who fell out of line, felt the heavy tongue of co-workers as she became the subject of gossip. A staff member was overheard saying to another that, "If fi har dex can stay suh, I wouldn't want to see fi har yard. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't even drink water from her - she should be fired!" That's harsh.

Lest we forget, our actions and decisions affect our neighbours. Our free will does not give us liberty to do as we please in the presence of others. Instead, it frees us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

Communities which protest against the little man who establishes a little garage at home in order to feed his family are more concerned about the effect of this activity on the appearance of the community rather than his family pot. That reminds me that some friends may be coming over this weekend. It's time to start tidying up - don't want them to feel insulted by our untidiness.

Dirty mind

What is even worse than dirty surroundings is a dirty mind which is responsible for much of society's ills. Unclean minds will cause some neighbours to ventilate some of the most obscene thoughts in the presence of others. Holding a conversation with them can be an ordeal if you do not want your mind to be contaminated.

Dirty minds have killed many dreams and ambitions. A young lady who called us recently in search of assistance for her unborn child got bitten by one of these unclean minds.

On her way from school one evening, a 'very nice gentleman' whispered something in her ear which lodged in her impressionable mind and turned it away from school work. Long and short of it, it's six months later and she is six months pregnant and left to paddle alone.

Dirty life

If a clean-minded neighbour does not paddle with her, she could end up living a dirty life. Another 'nice gentleman' with an unsavoury mind may just walk into her life to offer her reassuring comfort - yeah right! This cycle could go on until the ninth child is born. At age 27, she could be so messed up that her only place is the scrap heap. But then again, one never knows how the wheel of fortune may turn. Once there is life, there is hope. Write off no one.

Dirty ways

People who write off people, have dirty ways. Whether people live dirty lives, possess dirty minds, are bothered by dirty hearts or mouths, they are not beyond redemption. The Father of life has empowered us to help redeem one another through the power of love: love thy neighbour as thyself.


1. Miss Robinson, St Andrew, for donation of children's clothing.

2. Mrs Salmon, St Elizabeth, for financial assistance.

3. Neighbour, Canada, for offering food items.

4. Omar, St Catherine, for offering stove to a needy neighbour.

5. Mrs Johnson, St Andrew, for financial assistance.

6. Mr Depass, St Andrew, for donating a wheelchair and television set to Miss Smith's brain-damaged son.

7. Everybody's Pharmacy, for acts of neighbourliness.


1. Leroy needs a second-hand motorcycle to help generate an income for his family.

2. Sophia, Clarendon, a pregnant mother of two, needs clothing for children including the unborn.

3. Melanie, St Andrew, mother of six, needs clothing for children and $4,000 to assist with schooling.

4. Mrs Chisholm (78), Kingston, fell from a bus and needs $34,000 to do a shoulder scan.

5. Pamela, St Ann, says 13-year-old Kadia needs a wheelchair to attend school. She has been absent from school for three weeks.

6. Mrs Hamilton, St Ann, has a husband who is bedridden. They are in need of food and financial assistance to send four children to school.

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