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Juici delivery!

Published:Thursday | March 29, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Sacha Walters-Gregory, Staff Reporter

Juici Patties along Hagley Park Road is delivering lunches for the busy executive, in the Corporate Area and Portmore.

The store, which is the only Juici Patties location offering the delivery service, has been making wholesale patty deliveries to schools and other establishments for over a decade and saw the opportunity to use their expertise to further benefit its customers.

"We know that people would prefer to get their lunch at their desk," said Elaine Cross, the store's operations manager, further adding, "we're just trying to highlight our lunches, because we're thought of for breakfast and patties."

Located in The Domes, along Hagley Park Road, for approximately 12 years, the franchise store offers dining amenities and the full Juici Patties menu of foods. However, they have added some Jamaican lunch staples which are all served with fresh/steamed vegetables, a serving of pasta and choice of one of six varieties of rice - pumpkin rice, fried rice, traditional Jamaican rice and peas, gungo rice and peas, callaloo rice and plain rice.

Wide variety

They offer up to 10 lunch options each day. The meats include barbecued chicken, jerked chicken, baked chicken, Juici fried chicken, sweet and sour chicken, curried chicken, chicken chop suey, oxtail and beans, stew beef, stew peas, cowfoot and beans, peppered steak, curried goat and brown stew fish and steamed fish.

The chicken lunches cost $240 for the mini and $370 for large lunches. Non-chicken meals cost $260 for the mini and $390 for large meals, $480 for oxtail. If a customer wants to have two meats in their meal that comes at a cost of $400.

Delivery is free for orders which add up to $3,000 or more. Orders below $3,000 attract a delivery cost of between $100 to $300. These orders can include any of the items on their menu, which includes soups, pastries, patties and combo meals.

"The taste of the meal is the biggest draw for persons," said Cross of the lunch-delivery service, which began approximately six months ago.

"We have people call in just to tell us whatever the chef is doing tell her to keep on doing it," said Cross.

As for the chef, Opal Dacres, she said you have to try the lunches she and her team prepares, "Because once you do, you won't turn back," Dacres said.

Order now!

Persons can place their lunch orders before the day of delivery or by 10 a.m. on the day. Fax your orders to: 906-3559, email: or call: 906-2903, 906-2913, 373-3866.