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Thursday talk

Published:Thursday | March 29, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Lonely at the top

1 Some political observers say it is indeed lonely at the top, referring to the very meagre crowd on hand at the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) headquarters to receive the local government elections result on Monday night. They say what was even more telling was the absence of the party bigwigs from the 'aborted' press conference called by the party leader, which saw him ending the event rather brusquely, after fielding only three questions!

Bully Greg

2 Some are now saying that it might not be a bad thing after all that the current contractor general is demitting office as his recent tactics seem disruptive and akin to bullying, with a godlike complex creeping into the operation, where he now deems himself and office above criticisms.

Priceless antiques

3 Word is some members of the private sector have stepped in to restore the priceless antiques in the official residence that were damaged by cigarette burns and suffered other abuse. Word is they are having problems replacing the door to the pantry that was reportedly kicked in by the son, after the staff in charge of inventory got tired of him using the pantry as his own private supermarket, where he would stock up every weekend at the taxpayers' expense.

Vulgar presentation

4 A number of civic-minded individuals appointed to serve on government boards who recently attended a workshop designed to familiarise them with their new responsibilities and charges, are taking offence to the nature and tone of at least one presenter who addressed the gathering. Word is the presenter from the office of the contractor general was so crude and accusatory in his presentation, he did more to turn off well-thinking Jamaicans who were volunteering their service, rather than inspire them to give of their best.

Rude doctor

5 Students and teachers who witnessed the behaviour of the failed politician are still in shock at the behaviour displayed at the uptown school the other day. They say what makes it worse is the fact that the offender compounded the situation as, when asked to control himself, he announced: "Don't call me Sir, I am a doctor!" He stormed off in a wave of abusive and calumnious language!

Bible speaks!

6 Friends say when the wife found out the husband was having an affair, she did not confront the husband. Instead, she went out and bought a Bible, highlighting the 7th commandment and sent it to the husband's mistress beautifully gift wrapped. Friends say the seventh decalogue, "Thou shall not commit adultery", did the trick as the mistress ended the relationship after receiving the Bible.

It's on tape!

7 Some say it's now a case of sex lies and video tapes as there are surveillance tapes of the comings and goings of the husband. And word is now surfacing of physical abuse, so friends are saying expect no reconciliation anytime soon!