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Barnett, Thomas give Edwin Allen strong start

Published:Thursday | March 29, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Edwin Allen's Tara-Sue Barnett and Danniel Thomas react after an initial record throw by Barnett, during the girls' Class One discus final at the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA) Boys & Girls' Athletics Championships at the National Stadium yesterday. - Ian Allen/Photographer

Ryon Jones, Gleaner Writer

Tara-Sue Barnett and Danniel Thomas are hoping the magnificent start they have given their school will be the catalyst to go on and capture their first-ever title at this the 102nd staging of the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA)/ GraceKennedy Boys and Girls' Athletics Championships, being held over five days at the National Stadium.

The duo were in record-breaking form as they took the quinella in the girls' discus throw Class One to earn their school 16 points as they ended the day with a total of 33, after three girls' finals on yesterday's second day.

Vere Technical who led with 23 points after two finals were in second place at press time. Defending champions Holmwood occupied third spot with 17 points along with St Jago.

Edwin Allen were boosted by the one-two finish in the steeplechase with Desreen Montaque, 7:01.07, and Atara Segree, 7:30.33taking top spots while Holmwood's Sherene Whyte, 7:39.15 was third.

The other teams to have registered points are St Elizabeth Technical (six), with St Hugh's and Hydel tied for sixth with four points, Convent of Mercy Academy, Alpha (three), Manchester (two) and Immaculate (one).

"I am really, really happy that I did it today because I started off my team with really good points, me and my teammate Danniel," Barnett reasoned.

"I am positive that my team will be victorious at the end of this championship," she added.

Thomas echoed similar sentiments regarding her school's prospect of winning.

"It is important for the younger ones to see that we the seniors have set the pace for them to follow," she said.

Keen battle

Barnett and Allen engaged in a keen battle on yesterday's second day, as they both smashed the previous record mark of 46.76 metres set in 2010 by Candicea Bernard.

Third went to St Jago's Fayon Gonzales, with a distance of 46.14m.

Vere's early lead is due mainly to the duo of Sabina Allen and Shardia Lawrence, who took first and second in the girls' triple jump open. Allen's triumph marked the first gold medal of Champs 2012, as she leapt to the winning distance of 12.83m with her final jump. This distant also marked a new personal best for the 17-year-old.

Lawrence had to settle for second with her leap of 12.40m, while third went to St Elizabeth Technical's Opal James (12.13m).

Today's schedule

8:30 a.m: Girls' High Jump Class 4 Prelims

8:30 a.m: Boys' Long Jump Class 3 Prelims

8:30 a.m: Boys' Decathlon 110m Finals

8:30 a.m: Girls' 1500m Class 3 Prelims

8:45 a.m: Girls' Shot Put Open Prelims

8:50 a.m: Boys' 1500m Class 3 Prelims

9:00 a.m: Girls' Discus Class 2 Prelims

9:20 a.m: Girls' 1500m Class 2 Prelims

9:35 a.m: Boys' 1500m Class 2 Prelims

10:05 a.m: Girls' 1500m Class 1 Prelims

10:15 a.m: 1500m Class 1 Boys' Prelims

10:40 a.m: Girls' Long Jump Class 2 Prelims

10:45 a.m: Girls' High Jump Class 3 Finals

10:45 a.m: Boys' Decathlon Discus Finals

10:45 a.m: Boys' 400m Class 3 Prelims

11:05 a.m: Boys' Shot Put Class 2 Prelims

11:15 a.m: 400m Class 3 Prelims

11:40 a.m: Boys' 400m Class 2 Prelims

12:15 p.m: Girls' 400m Class 2 Prelims

12:35 p.m: Boys' 400m Class 1 Prelims

12:55 p.m: Girls' 400m Class 1 Prelims

1:45 p.m: Boys' High Jump Class 2 Prelims

1:45 p.m: Decathlon Boys' Pole Vault Finals

1:45 p.m: Boys' Triple Jump Open Prelims

1:45 p.m: Girls' 100m Class 4 Prelims

2:20 p.m: Girls' 100m Class 3 Prelims

2:55 p.m: Boys' 100m Class 3 Prelims

3:35 p.m: Girls' 100m Class 2 Prelims

4:05 p.m: Boys' 100m Class 2 Prelims

4:10 p.m: Girls' Long Jump Class 4 Finals

4:10 p.m: Girls' Shot Put Open Finals

4:40 p.m: Girls' 100m Class 1 Prelims

5:00 p.m: Boys' 100m Class 1 Boys' Prelims

5:00 p.m: Boys' Pole Vault Open Finals

5:00 p.m: Boys' High Jump Class 3 Finals

5:10 p.m: Boys' Discus Class 1 Finals

5:35 p.m: Girls' 800m Class 3 Semis

5:45 p.m: Boys' 800m Class 3 Boys' Semis

5:55 p.m: Girls' 800m Class 2 Semis

6:10 p.m: Boys' 800m Class 2 Semis

6:10 p.m: Girls' Long Jump Class 2 Finals

6:20 p.m: Girls' 800m Class 1 Semis

6:30 p.m: Boys' 800m Class 1 Boys' Semis

6:45 p.m: Boys' Decathlon Javelin Finals

6:55 p.m: Boys' 5000m Open Prelims

7:45 p.m: Girls' 200m Class 4 Semis

8:00 p.m: Girls' 200m Class 3 Semis

8:10 p.m: Boys' 200m Class 3 Semis

8:20 p.m: Girls' 200m Class 2 Semis

8:30 p.m: Boys' 200m Class 2 Semis

8:45 p.m: Girls' 200m Class 1 Semis

8:55 p.m: Boys' 200m Class 1 Semis

9:15 p.m: Boys' Decathlon 1500m Finals