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Floss, Pop Bottles aims for affordable quality

Published:Friday | March 30, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Quick Cook (left), Flippa Mafia (centre) and Bugle. - Contributed
A dapper youth with his bottle of Hennessey during Container Satdayz Boat Ride edition last Christmas Eve. - file photos
Foota Hype surrounded by beauty.

Curtis Campbell, Gleaner Writer

The Floss Team is gearing up to host their debut event, Floss, Pop Bottles. According to Wanyou Floss, a member of the organising team, Floss, Pop Bottles will showcase premium liquor at an affordable price.

"This is an event where people can come and drink premium liquor at a reasonable price. Just pop a bottle and have a good time to nice music. We will have variety such as Hennessey, Appleton, Apple Vodka, Jenny, and more," Wanyou said. The event will be hosted at Dry Land Beach Caruba, 70A Mannings Hill Road, St Andrew, and Wanyou said early indicators are that the party should be a success.

"So far, promotion is going extremely well and we have been getting crazy feedback from the people so the word is spreading out there," he said.

The party is designed for persons over 18 years old, Wanyou saying the emphasis is on responsible drinking. He also promised to treat patrons with a unique type of vibe and energy, along with liquor specials for those interested in popping bottles.

"This party is going to be so different; the energy, the vibes and the selectors that will play are booked to deliver a different type of music juggling. We will also have mix specials, called the floss mix special," he said. DJs expected to play include Jagga, Foota Hype, Lizard Hype, Trunky 4 Star, Bigga 5, Love Stone and dancehall enigma Quick Cook, who will be the host for the night.

"We just want patrons to come and enjoy the selections. Come out early and prepare to go home late," Wanyou said.

Admission for Floss, Pop Bottles is $300 for both men and women. There will also be incentives such as prize giveaways. Security personnel will be assigned to assist with monitoring the gate, and the Floss Team will offer a designated parking area close to the venue.

"People, don't miss this one. Everybody should come. It's all about good music, liquor mixes and the vibe, plus we have some real beautiful dolls and a special guest artiste," Wanyou said.