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Should the one false-start rule apply to athletes at Champs?

Published:Friday | March 30, 2012 | 12:00 AM

No, I believe the first should be charged to the field and the next to the individual. It's a lot of nerves out there.

- riggragg

It's relevant, considering they are being prepared to compete with the world.

- acqueltitus

Yes, they need to start preparing for the professional world so that the transition is smoother, and will improve techniques as well.

- 7thletterja

I think the high-school athletes should be allowed to have at least two false starts.

- robrashie

Yes, it should! Champs is a training ground for the bigger stages. Children do what they learn.

- fastforwardrepl

Yes. Let them get use to the international rules from now.

- ArvelHQ

Track and field is one of the hardest sports to prepare for, the one false-start should not apply at all.

- RivahAmbesa

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What do you think about the Government's decision to delay budget until May?

Crap! Why do they want to move the Budget to May? Are they hiding something, or are they waiting for bailout to cover up the multimillion-dollar car buying?

- Kenjah Container

It means that great thought is going into the Budget, in particular tax reform. I really hope they remove employer payroll tax.

- Andrew Thomas

Fix it right, Dr Phillips! They had a party in the previous government and three finance ministers one time.

- Fay Findley

This is careful planning. It's in the best interest of all those who matter to present a Budget after the IMF deal. The JLP made an error when they didn't include all those who matter in the planning and implementation of the IMF deal and the budgets that followed. Hence, how many supplementary budgets? It's better to present one Budget than too many.

- Richardo Gordon

It means the country is in deep, deep trouble and they do not know what they are doing.

- Carolyn Champagnie-Warren

Well, I think they have to get their facts straight before coming to us, because there was nothing happening for four years, so they have to be working hard with the IMF to see how best they can get back the country to the way how it is supposed to be. Financially, if we don't stand up strong the IMF will come and take us over.

- Pat Brown

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