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Visually impaired grateful for white canes

Published:Friday | March 30, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Members of the Lions Club of Clarendon recently donated much-needed canes to visually impaired Collin Dale, Joseph Lewis and Cephus Alexander.

Sherime Powell, chairperson of Clarendon Lions Club sight and health group, explained to The Gleaner that Lions Club International was celebrating international sight month, and the Clarendon's Lions Club marked the occassion with a march through May Pen and the donation of the canes.

"March is sight month worldwide, so we in Clarendon are celebrating the occasion. So far we have marched from the stoplight at Glenmuir Road, to the car park, we have also given away three white canes ... and we will continue our sight-awareness work here in May Pen," Powell explained.

An appreciative Lewis, who travels from Johns Hall (some 50 miles) daily to May Pen, informed The Gleaner that he had a cane before, but it had become discoloured and could not fold when he was travelling on buses.

"This one is better, because it can fold up when I am going on the bus and, since it is a white one, as they see me, they will know I am a blind person, so I am glad for this one that I get," said the 67-year-old Lewis.

"I have been blind since I was three years old and have been coming to May Pen to play my recorder for the past 37 years, so I have to have a cane at all times," added Lewis.

An equally appreciative Dale, who used a simple piece of stick to aid in his movements, said, "This is my first real cane and I am glad for it because, as you know, when the vehicles see me with me little piece of stick, they think that a something wrong with my foot and anything can happen to me then, so when them see me with the white cane they will know that I am blind and treat me more careful as from now."

- Horace Fisher