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Online Feedback

Published:Saturday | March 31, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Below are comments from readers of to yesterday's lead story, 'No tax fight if ... ':

Let PNP do their thing

Mr Holness, you need to relax and let the PNP do their thing. The majority of the people who have spoken knew what they wanted when they chose to return the PNP to power. Majority of who voted for thisgovernmentare the poor, whom this PM professes to love so dearly. They are the ones who will be affected most from any GCT on basic food items. Labourites are willing to turn their hands and make fashion because we are used to doing so.


Why worry?

Andrew, why worry? Jamaicans are quite content with what the 'Come-raids', er, Comrades have to offer. In 50 years of dependence, er, Independence, they have held power for most of those years and look what they have done.

- guest

JLP invisible

The last time I checked, the PNP had 42 MPs to the JLP's 21. The Opposition does not have the numbers to oppose anything. Could someone please wake up the opposition leader, since he is oblivious to that fact. What it boils down to is that the JLP is pretty much invisible and, as such, voiceless inParliament.

- Reggie

Bitter medicine

You are obviously fooling yourself. PNP won the general and local government elections; therefore, they now have the mandate to unleash anything on the Jamaican people. So get ready for your bitter medicine.

- Bigup45

No power

Mr Holness should have said his party CANNOT ... They have no power to prevent anything since they are outnumbered two to one. All they can do is talk. Nothing else. My only hope is that when they talk they will offer only constructive ideas that may be considered by the Government for implementation.

- guest

Leave poor alone

The answer is not to place GCT on basic food items. Please go and collect the monies owed by those large businesses who have collected CGT and have not handed it over in the past. Leave poor people alone. They are not the ones responsible for your empty coffers, it's your big friends that you cannot ask to pay their dues.

- Senj_1