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Poetry 1

Published:Sunday | April 1, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Simply complicated

Our meeting wasn't a mere coincidence

Instead, I believe it was just about right timing

Our situations are worlds apart yet we aren't so very different

Two hearts wanting the same things, but not sure how to get it

You say it's complicated, I say it's a challenge

All it takes is effort to make this princess happy


If you try, I'll try harder

If you want me, I'll be there

Don't make excuses, just explain

If you can't be here now, I'll wait


All I want of you is to try before you decide

Time seems to be our greatest enemy but indeed it's our best friend

We can make time beyond the 24 hours

Steal time if that's what it takes

Create time like architects of the universe


Uncertainty isn't a reason to say it's not worth it

And being busy is never an excuse

They say nothing good comes easy

So I'd prefer a challenge

I'm willing

Are you?

- Michelle-Ann Letman

For Dad

Like children in a candy store that's how excited we were

Looking forward to when you would come home from working away all week

And for sure you wouldn't disappoint us

For little did we know that you also looked forward to the hide 'n' seek

And as we grew up from those playful days

You never took a break from your loving ways

We remember how your ever caring, ever loving attitude

Would never even allow you to beat us when we were rude

For all those good times we are truly grateful

Not to mention the rough ones We could actually write a book

We will never say goodbye to you, our Father, because we know this is not the end, we will see you again

You will only be going to a place where there's no pain and no more you will suffer

We remember how you hugged us and gave us courage and strength

You were always there to listen love, and support us in everything

You were our very best friend

In our triumphs you were always proud

We are so grateful to you, Dad, and we can shout that very loud

Six daughters! Quite a lot, needed your love and devotion, but, Dad, you made each of us feel like we were one in a million

You made certain to tell us that you had no favourite and you loved all six of us equally, but we the bigger ones know that Keisha was your baby

Deep inside our hearts you'll always be

We would give up everything we own to have you eternally

We felt the world stop and our hearts ached when you left us, how we wish we were only dreaming and someone would soon come and wake us up

Just like the rain, tears fell from our eyes, even though we knew you were ill, it still hurts inside

But we can't be selfish wanting you

Come what may

because you fought a hard battle, Dad, and we must let you go someday

If we could choose our parents in some other life

We would want the same mother and father we got this time

So until then, we will keep your memories alive and, Daddy, you know you don't have to ask, we will take care of your wife.

- Lorna, Georgia, Marcia, Marie, Dian and Keisha

Just friends

A friend can touch your heart

But never your body

No man is an island

Everybody needs somebody

Somebody to hug, trust, love

Somebody to touch

A friend can make you smile

But can a friend stay the night?

Wrapped up in a tight embrace

Can friends accomplish this fate?

A friend knows your secrets

Every hiding place

Now can a friend be there Valentine's day?

Just saying

A friend is a friend

Strictly friends to the end

But what of the feelings you can neither borrow nor lend?

Can we?

Can we all be

Just friends?

- Van Jackson

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