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Poetry 2

Published:Sunday | April 1, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Everything happens in a season

Never without a valid reason

Why did you betray me?

Oh! You thought Jesus wouldn't save me?

You're faker than my French tips

Is this reality or a bliss?

Friends have become foes

But only God knows

Judas betrayed Christ for 30 pieces of silver

Which took him by surprise and caused him to shiver

Now the tables might just turn for the worse

I hope you don't think it's a curse

Because it's life lessons you must learn first

- Omera Simms

Life's mystery

There are times in life we all feel sad

At times it seems like we'll go mad

There comes a time when we feel rejected

And many times we get accepted

The world is round and spins one way

Pass the night and sunshine day

We experience illness that we sometimes conquer

But many too weak just sink like an anchor

There are good and bad people living today

Some are God-fearing while some don't care

Working hard to make ends meet

While some just threaten you to retreat

Many give their love to people who will take it

Expecting love but the giver fakes it

Giving is so hard to do at times

But receiving blessings revives our minds

It's hard to love someone who hates you

Sometimes it's hard to love someone who loves you

Many people believe in God and are sure of His existence

Many don't because of His transparency

Don't ever try too hard to solve a mystery

Just leave it there for history

Life is a mystery that we can't understand

Just live your life the best way you can

Love and give love to those who need it

Bring joy to those who seek it

Do well to those who pray for it

Give hugs to those who beg for it

Whatever a man soweth that shall he reap

Until that day comes to take his leap

- M. Josephs

Just look

Take a look at the mirror

What do you see?

Are you pleased?

Is that really who


Want to be?

- Theresa Peters

Jamaica, Jamaica

We were captured by the Spanish

Then took over by the British

Got our freedom on August six

And came up with a national dish

- Javanni Denton

Gazing through life's window

As I gaze through life's window

I wonder to myself

Will life be any different?

Will people stop thinking about themselves?

Life is precious, so we must make the best use of it

We should not treat each other like animals, just to be hunted and killed

As I gaze through life's window

I wonder to myself

Do we take the time to evaluate ourselves

And not blame others instead?

Do we see others in need

And offer a helping hand?

Or do we sit and criticise, judge and try to destroy God's plan?

As I gaze through life's window

I wonder to myself

When will we all realise

That God is our help?

He sent his only Son, Jesus, to die for our sins

But we behave as if we are in control of our lives and other person's lives as well

As I gaze through life's window

I say to myself

I am happy to be alive

In my eyes I see the world and my life

- Arlene Lewis

Return to love

Still, still weary soul

Hush, hush weeping heart

Be calm, busy mind

Why do you imagine vain things?

Why does your heart cry all the time?

Why does your soul never rest?

What occupies your mind?

You labour in vain for unprofitable bread

Meat that does not satisfy the soul

You deeply search for what matters most

But your heart is still not whole

Don't you know you have a Father?

Who longs to hear from you?

Who waits patiently at the door?

Oh! I wish you knew!

Yield to the master

Come to the waters

Why do you roam O restless soul?

Why do you stray?

Get out of the cold!

Return to your first love

The one who truly loves you

Accept his invitation

To reason your life through

There, your soul will find rest

And your heart will weep no more

Your mind will be used for good

And the body for his chore

He has mercy and grace in plenty

To forgive every soul

His love is real

Come and be whole!

- Monique O. Brown