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Tarrus goes 'Mecoustic'

Published:Monday | April 2, 2012 | 12:00 AM
  • Europe debut for Riley's first acoustic set

After almost a year in the making, singer Tarrus Riley will on April 17 release his most personal project to date.

The 15-track acoustic set, titled Mecoustic, is being released in conjunction with France-based Soulbeats Records and will be available in European markets.

The album, which is Riley's first major release since 2009's Contagious, features collaborations with dub poet Cherry Natural, and Riley's father, veteran reggae crooner Jimmy.

In a release to the media, Riley revealed that the project was very personal and attention was paid to every detail to ensure the material was properly recorded.

"We have some new songs and some old songs, and revisiting the old songs brought back memories. The whole experience of putting this project together was a learning experience again. These are songs that are very special and personal," Riley revealed.

Mecoustic reveals yet a different side to Riley, whose previous albums include Challenges, Parables and Contagious.

Riley worked with a top tier of talented producers and musicians on Mecoustic.

"This is like good food - real, rich, quality music. This is something you want to have in your music collection," said Riley.

Musician Dean Frazer (who is also Riley's musical director), along with Riley's Blak Soil band, are among those who injected their talents into the project.

Pet project

"This is a pet project between me and Tarrus. We just wanted the people to get a better understanding of words and meanings of these songs. While we were on tour, these ideas popped up," Frazer explained.

He added: "It took us a year to finish the album. The direction musically is the same as always - good music. We want the fans who turn up their nose when hard-core reggae reaches them to get a chance to play this album that carries the same message with a more relaxing musical accompaniment."

Songs on Mecoustic include Black Mother Pray, featuring Jimmy Riley, She's Royal, Devil's Appetite, If It's Jah Will, Marcus Garvey, Eyesight, Paradise, Pick up the Pieces, One Two Order, Africa Awaits, Other Half, Whispers, and System Set, featuring Cherry Natural.

Mecoustic will be available worldwide on June 26.