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Violent Lips

Published:Monday | April 2, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Perfect for carnival. - Contributed photos
Pink and pretty.
Violent Lips comes in many designs.
Lip tattoo in animal print.

Dave Lindo, Gleaner Writer

Violent Lips is the new craze about to take Jamaica by storm with its stunningly sexy looks.

Violent Lips is a temporary lip tattoo which is taking over from lipstick. Its advantage is that it is able to last for long hours, all evening, even into the following day. So you 'party like a rock star' without fear of having to redo your lipstick. It is far more attractive with its 'to die for' colours and designs that include leopard print, polka dots and fish nets.

It was invented by a United States-based businessman who saw his daughter playing with a bubble gum tattoo. He then got the remarkable idea of making a lipstick tattoo and the rest is history, as Violent Lips has taken off like wild fire in the United States and is about to do the same in Jamaica.

It is being distributed in Jamaica by entrepreneur Ryan Chen. "Violent Lips are the new craze right now; it's really fresh," Chen said. "The feedback has been very good; many performing artistes have requested them because when they are on stage it just pops, it just brings the audience's eyes to the lips."

So whether sipping a margarita or eating your burritos, or jumping in the sun at carnival, you are safe with Violent Lips.

"You can eat, sleep, drink, kiss and your sexy Violent Lips remains intact because it will withstand all of that and still stay fresh," Chen explained.

With the 2012 carnival season getting into high gear, Violent Lips is seen as the perfect thing for revellers.

Endorsement for the product

Popular make-up artiste Shelly-Ann Chung approves of the product. "I have been working with Violent Lips for just under a month; it's really nice," she said. "What I like about it is its vibrancy; it comes in different patterns and shapes and it stays on for hours, it's good for any occasion, especially if you need something bold or edgy."

Chung added, "It's fairly new, but the people who have tried it so far love the product. It's going to be a big hit in Jamaica and worldwide."

Celebrity photographer Tiffany Lue-Yen is also excited about Violent Lips, She said, "It's fabulous, it really looks good and makes a statement. I am really impressed with Violent Lips; it's going to really take off in Jamaica."

Violent Lips is reasonably priced and can be purchased at Cherries Hair and More, 1 Balmoral Avenue, Kingston 10, or contact Ryan Chen at 574-1871, email: