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Savvi Essential Boutique is Jamaica-bound

Published:Monday | April 2, 2012 | 12:00 AM
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Savvi Essential Boutique carries something for every age.
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Kadeen Peters is the owner of Savvi Essential Boutique. A boutique that specialises in trendy, classy and unique accessories for women. Based in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States of America, she takes the merchandise to customers locally and internationally.

"Our passion and love for unique accessories has lead to our expansion in Jamaica. We are looking to offer simplicity yet classy pieces to a wide cross section of women," Peters told Flair in an email interview.

Peters has been in business since 2008. She is naturally passionate about fashion, and while working as the accounting manager for the largest fashion accessories company in Atlanta, she decided to shop for pieces she loves and share them with persons who shared the same interest, and build her own clientele. It worked.

Now her biggest seller is handbags. "I carry many unique styles and colours from work, casual to evening wear. I definitely have something for everyone. I cater to all ages, to the young professionals and older," Peters revealed.

But at a time when the global economy is still going through a recession, why has she decided to come to Jamaica? Peters said that growing up in Jamaica she observed that looking fashionable was always a part of our culture. Although many people face economic hardship, women still had a desire to look and feel good about themselves. "While some may not be able to purchase new outfits, simply accessorising with Savvi's jewellery or handbags can give new life to your wardrobe."

The inventory

Savvi Essential's inventory is sourced from all over the world, in places such as the United States, China, Italy or wherever something catches Peters' eye. "I try to keep up with what's in season and the new trends, so I am constantly updating my collection," she said.

She advises prospective entrants into the fashion business that if it is really their passion, they should try to learn it from every perspective. "The more well rounded you are, the more effective you will be. An employer is more interested in the results you produce rather than the amount of hours you work."

Flair readers can visit their website at, by emailing or by phoning 876-292-4634 (Monique Wilson) or 876-378-3898 (Kadeen Peters).