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Flair mailbag

Published:Monday | April 2, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Dr Andrew Haughton's story was definitely the story of the week. It has inspired our faithful readers and here is what they had to say.

Congrats to a determined young spirit, Dr André Haughton. I know that life is never easy and if it was, it would not be worth much because one would then take everything for granted.

I know that it's been long, hard and determined work getting where you are today, coupled with strong family and community support, and I know that you will pass those inspirations and tips on to other young minds seeking to get where you are now.

Again, congrats and take it all in stride Dr Haughton.

- Jacqueline

Well done! You are another living proof that it is not where you come from, but where your heart is and your determination.

There are many others who have travelled said route and succeeded, but it is always a pleasure to add to the list.

- J. marcus Marshall II

This young man is prime minister material. I would love to see him become prime minister of Jamaica some day.

I like your story. our country needs other great leaders like you to help our people and country.

- S. Allen

Congratulations, Dr Haughton. If my memory serves me right, you were always a cut above the rest, regardless of your socio-economic status. I am really elated at this moment to see that a number of us from that community have really made something of ourselves with God's help. Continue to shine and just remember to put God first in your life.

- N. Clarke

Awesome!! Now here is a story worth repeating, over and over again. André, thanks for restoring hope in the communities and the society at large. Please share your life with more of today's youth. They need to hear from you! So Inspirational! I'm so proud to be Jamaican!

- Giarose 7

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Dr André Haughton says he enjoys lecturing as he positively influences minds which in the long run will have an impact on how the country moves forward. - Gladstone Taylor/Photographer