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Jamaica must stand on her own legs

Published:Monday | April 2, 2012 | 12:00 AM


The MEMBER of parliament for North East Manchester, Audley Shaw, attended the swearing-in ceremony for Manchester's mayor and councillors last Thursday afternoon. He was heard admonishing the mayor to, "Make use of opportunities out there" by way of borrowing from different organisations or benefit funds, naming a couple of them.

I would hope that the mayor does not get sidetracked by listening to or heeding his advice; that she does not provide the balance he is seeking. The country cannot continue to survive, grow or develop by living off the eyebrows of other countries, organisations or funds, the way Mr Shaw sees it and does it. He seems to think that because he may be able to or capable of negotiating cheaper interest rates, that is adequate enough to help an indebted nation.

Our people are to be taught to face some of the challenges by banding our belly and making sacrifices. This is the only meaningful way that is going to relieve us of some of the hardships the country faces. Continual borrowing and begging will lead to sustained indebtedness and continued dependency.

Role of councils

Parish councils are not about providing scarce benefits for individuals, as many make it out to be. Rather, they are to assist central government by reducing its daily workload in the planning and execution of programmes, by attending to the community needs of the peoplethrough the utilisation of taxation and other collections to its fullest.

The needs may be many and sometimes large-scaled too, but if everyone pays the amount they should, and what is collected is properly utilised, it can go a far way to uplift the country without this continued borrowing and dependency on the purse of others.

After all, we are independent now. Let us cultivate a sound backbone and stand on our own legs as much as is possible.

Rose Dewar